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03/02/2017: Attitude of Erode SSA Administration ..... Executive Postings

If a DE joins from other Circle, he is given instructions that he will be posted to one far off  SDCA HQ , and he has to work there for two years ... Compulsorily, then only he will be considered for transfer...

But a SDE LA who joined from nearby station of Erode SSA, his request for transfer to nearby station was considered within one year and that even immediately , no sooner did he submitted his request.

Female SDE LA  officers who completed two years, and waiting for transfer is not yet considered by SSA Administration.

SSA administration can consider the transfer of  one  SDE LA , who joined in the transferred station, after others, with the oral concurrence of  those joined before him.

In DE LA posting , nearly 50 KM distance from SSA HQ was declined by one male  officer , that was kept in secrecy, One Female officer  was posted to that same station in  DE LA, even though her spouse as Executive is working in SSA HQ.  The declined DE LA  officer (who has long stay record in SSA HQ) was given again DE LA posting, before one year, in 20 KM distance of SSA HQ. 
One DE LA, who  worked in far off  SDCA HQ near Karnataka border, was again transferred to other SSA border as DE LA.

Sensitive post can be occupied by one officer as SDE, as AGM  and DGM also, because he is doing wonderful things in CFA Planning. He had continuous stay in SSA HQ , nearly nineteen years

SSA Administration may overlook some officers who had more than decade long over stay in SSA HQ 

Transfer of Non Executives within the same station, was implemented by the SSA Administration, only after concurrence from Non executive Associations