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16/09/2016: Meeting with GM T Erode on 15/09/2016 by Joint Forum of Executives and Non Executives Unions and Associations , Erode SSA

GM T has given as assurance that Admin section will be taken away from present  DGM EB / Admin and will hand over to DGM CFA from 10th October 2016.

There will be one DGM exclusively for CFA Planning and Admin in our SSA.

The biased orders issued to only for  two DEs  (not the members of  one particular Association) to remain  in HQ will be withdrawn.

The other issues  to be settled  


 Biased transfer orders for the Executives of one particular Association
 Pending transfer orders for Female Executives

Update and Display the Transfer waiting list of Executives            transparently   according to Transfer policy

 Overlooked Transfers to be restored with proper enquiry behind the episodes to redress the affected officers who completed 58 yrs

 Respect Court/CAT orders delivered in similar nature of transfer stay prayed by  two female staff, equally without any partial approach which impacting other staff in our SSA.

The Dharna Programme is postponed after 10th October 2016

14/09/2016: AIBSNLEA and AIGETOA - Joint Circle Office Bearers Meeting at Erode on 21/09/2016 ...

         Dear Comrades,  
Joint Circle Office Bearers and CWC members meeting of AIBSNLEA & AIGETOA     TN Circle will be held at ERODE on 21-09-2016 at 10:00 Hrs to discuss about MEMBERSHIP VERIFICATION
All the Circle Office Bearers and CWC Members are requested to attend without fail.

14/09/2016: DHARNA Notice by JOINT FORUM of Executive and Non Executive Unions and Associations, Erode SSA ...

06/07/2016: Achievements of AIBSNLEA after formation of BSNL

Achievements of AIBSNLEA after formation of BSNL

1.     To bring all Group ‘B’ Officers (DOT recognized) Associations of the Executives under the umbrella of Central Coordination Committee.
2.     Smooth absorption of Gr. “A” and Gr. “B” officers of BSNL in 2003
3.     IDA Pay Scale finalization for BSNL Executives on point to point fixation basis.
4.     Absorption of Gr.B and Gr.A  Officers in BSNL
5.     Grant of perks to BSNL Executives from 01.01.2005 in 2006 on actual basis.
6.     Executive Promotion Policy (EPP) notification on 18.01.2007
7.     Clarifications related to execution of EPP issued on 30.05.2007 and EPP implemented in full.
8.     Restructuring of Executive cadres i.e. JAO, JE(C/E/Arch/TF) Engineering Wings, PA/PS and Assistants of CSS cadre etc.
9.     Date of effect for all upgraded pay scales decided as on 01.10.2000 for the purpose of counting the residency period and now persuing for notional benefit.
10.  AAO pay scale settled in the grade of Rs.11875/- at par with the grade of AO.
11.  Filling up of the vacant STS Gr. “A” posts in all disciplines in BSNL in the year 2006.
12.  Transparent transfer policy for executives in BSNL notified in 2009.
13.  Implementation of 2nd PRC with 30% Fitment benefit.
14.  Notification of BSNL MSRR in 2009 with date of effect as 01.10.2000.
15.  Regularization of Adhoc STS level Executives in year 2010.
16.  Promotion of Regular STS level Executives to the grade of DGM on Adhoc basis by giving one time relaxation of one year in the eligibility conditions for promotion to DGM in year 2010 first time in BSNL.
17.  IDA Pension revision of BSNL Pensioners on 15th March 2011.
18.  Regularization of Adhoc DGM to DGM (Regular) in year 2012
19.  Regular holding of CPCs in Gr.”B”, Gr.”A”, JAG, SAG and HAG grades.
20.  Provided GSM Mobile Telephone connections with STD facility and hand set to all Executives.
21.  Provided Broadband connections at the residence of all Executives and increased free call limit. Provided data facility to all Executives.
22.   E1+5 advance increments in IDA pay scale to JAO/JTO equivalent Executives to avoid their losses.
23.  Regularization of Officiating JTOs by creating supernumerary posts of 3500 JTOs to avoid reversion as per the judgement of Hon’ble Chandigarh High Court and  now after  finalization of JTO RR 2014.
24.  Reversion of 1966 SDEs could be stopped by intervention of AIBSNLEA in Hon’ble Delhi High Court in the year 2007.
25.  JAO-2010 batch option case resolved with the untiring efforts of AIBSNLEA
26.  Implementation of 2nd PRC recommendations with 30% fitment to all BSNL Executives.
27.  78.2% IDA fitment to all BSNL Executives.
28.  E-2 to E-7 IDA Pay Scales proposal got approved from BSNL MC and sent to DOT for ratification.
29.  CPSU cadre hierarchy implementation as per KHAN Committee report within two months’ time given by BSNL management.
30.  Superannuation benefit to BSNL recruited employees with 3% contribution has been approved by BSNL Board and sent to DOT for ratification.
31.   E-1 + 5 advance increments benefit to JTO (SRD), JAO 2013 batch and PA cadre approved by BSNL Board and now sent to DOT for ratification.
32.  PPS Posts are created with all CGMs and Sr.PPS Posts with CMD / Director of BSNL Board.
33.  Membership verification of Executive Association process has started as per AIBSNLEA demand.
34.  3% Pay fixation benefit on time bound promotion and further 3% Pay fixation on DNI under EPP settled.
35.  BSNL Board approved to have recruitment of 2000 JTOs (DR) and 2500 TTAs (DR) in BSNL.
36.  LICE from TTA to JTO (T) has been started after the finalization of JTO RR-2014.
37.  ITS officer’s absorption issue got finality in BSNL/MTNL.  Filed contempt case against arbitrary deployment of ITS Officers in BSNL in the Hon’ble High Court Delhi and PB CAT New Delhi to quash the deployment order.

In addition to dealing with the HR related issues of BSNL Executives, AIBSNLEA played a pivotal role with regard to the viability of BSNL. AIBSNLEA always remained at fore front in all the struggles of the Forum of BSNL Unions and Associations to safe guard the interest of BSNL. In true sense, AIBSNLEA safe guarded the interest of the entire BSNL Executive fraternity and BSNL as a whole.